Your Deepest, Darkest CoConstruct Fears


Having CoConstruct in your tool belt has hopefully been a helpful and exciting addition to your business.

But, is it possible to do some things with it that will shoot you in the foot?

Here are some concerns that have popped up over the years:

"I'll lose the personal touch with my clients once everything is on the computer."

Yes, you may find that you are fielding calls from your clients less and less, but that is because they are well informed with the great information you are giving them through CoConstruct! Instead of those dozens of minor calls about vendor addresses and delivery dates, you can focus on more valuable interactions when you do speak with your clients.

And do your clients really get their jollies by trading countless voicemails just to get a piece of information they could get in 60 seconds from the web?


And will they miss digging through their email inboxes, trying to find the needle-in-haystack notes from you?


Getting to information quickly enhances service -- not dimishes it.

Besides, you'll still have face-to-face meetings and phone calls. There will still be on-site updates where your clients will get more of your personal attention on the things that matter, instead of dealing with mundane admin details.

And because you're saving time on those details, odds are that you'll actually have more time to spend with them (only if you want to, of course).

"What if I share too much info online, and my competitors see it?"

Odds are, your competitors already know what you're doing. If you use the same subs... If your prospects talk to them... they already know.

Not organizing info and not sharing info effectively probably won't hide anything from the competition, but it certainly increases the odds that your prospects will build with them INSTEAD of you.

Why? Because convoluted information from you never looks good to a prospect.

If you're really offering something better than your competition, then sharing your information with clients online won't undermine it - it will make it even more evident.

"What if I use CoConstruct with a prospect, and they show my selection sheet to a competitor to get a better "deal?"

If you don't use CoConstruct with your prospects, this won't apply to you. But, if you load your serious prospects on the system before contract, it could happen.

Not to sound like a broken record, but it's not like some clients don't shop around already. Using CoConstruct won't change that. Whether on paper, email, Excel, or on the web, it doesn't matter.

Have you ever lost a sale over price, and then realized that the other guy's "lower" price wasn't the same thing you were going to build?

Well, if your prospects did take your selection sheet and shop it around, it allows your prospects to ask your competition very pointed questions about exactly what is included in his bid. It can work in your favor to help them discover the "apples vs. oranges" problem themselves.

Now, does that mean the clients always pick you?


One of our builders told us a story of a prospect who took his very detailed selection sheet in CoConstruct, shopped it, and built with another guy for a few grand less. When I asked how he reacted, here's basically what he said:

"I could tell from the start that those were going to be clients who would nitpick every last thing during construction and eat away my margins. So, while you hate to lose a job, sometimes it's a good thing to weed out the ones upfront that you'll regret having as clients later."

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