How to Handle Meeting Minutes with CoConstruct


Before CoConstruct, meetings with clients involved documenting selections and to-do items, and reminding clients about upcoming decisions. This would all be compiled into a running file of meeting minutes.

Is this still necessary, with CoConstruct's tracking and notification features for selections and to-do items? We hope that you find the answer is "No!," since CoConstruct does much of that for you automatically.

But if you can't break away from the meeting minutes, here are options for displaying them:

1. Divide the minutes up, placing each part in its relevant location. So, notes about cabinets go as comments in the cabinets selection item. Follow-ups on a client question goes as comments on that question on the Question List. Items for you to research goes on the To-Do List, and so on...

2. You can put the minutes into a single entry on the Messages page. That will automatically send an email to everyone with the message, and will hold them in chronological order.

3. Type up the minutes as a Word file, and create a "Meeting Minutes" label on the Project Files page. Attach the file there each week, and you'll have a complete record over time.

4. Enter your meeting notes in the Jobsite Log as a note for that given day. Then you could flag these dates for easy organization and sorting by creating a custom "Minutes" flag. (Click here to learn more about creating custom flags.)

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