What are the differences between admin and non-admin builder access?


Builders with admin access are able to add, edit and remove team members by going to Contacts > Team Members.

Non-admin users can also be given access to all projects and full permissions or can be restricted by using the options on the Account Settings page.

Admin users will automatically be given access to all projects and full permissions. In additions, only admin users will be able to access your Accounting Settings. This includes setting up accounting codes, time entry types, and PO variance codes. Admin users are also the only users that can set up and maintain any accounting integration functions.

In addition, only admin users can add and edit Jobsite Log flags. To do that, go to Settings > Account Settings and select the Jobsite Log tab.

For more information on permissions as they relate to admin and non-admin builder users, please see the Help Center article My Team Permissions: What Can I See & Do.

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