Managing Cash Flow: Using the Schedule to Monitor Expected Revenue


CoConstruct does not explicitly have a payment schedule feature.  You can always create a series of invoices to show the scheduled progress payments for the job, but you'll probably want a higher level view across all your projects of when these payments are coming in to help manage your cash flow.

Here's how to manage that in your project schedules:

  1. Set up a Trade Partner entry called "Client Payments" - you'll use this for reporting on these specific tasks
  2. In your project schedules, set up milestone tasks to represent when each progress payment will be collected.  If you have standard phases of the project that you typically bill after, build these into your template to automate this process from job to job.
  3. Add the "Client Payments" assignee to each progress payment task.


If you've given your clients access to the project*, they'll be able to see these progress payment tasks reflected in the schedule so they can monitor the job's progress and know when to expect their next invoice.

Once you have your payment schedules set up, head to the Task Manager to pull up a report of your expected incoming cash flow:

  1. Use the "Filter & Search" button to filter for your active/signed projects and the assignee "Client Payments"
  2. Set the date range for the next 30 days, or whatever time period you want to look at, and run the report
  3. This will allow you to see the dates and amounts of your upcoming client payments all together so you know how much money you're expected to receive in and make important purchasing or other business decisions accordingly.




*Client login access for projects is only available on CoConstruct's Plus subscription.

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