Bypassing the Specs & Selections to Create a Change Order


Occasionally circumstances arise where a change order is needed for unforseen conditions like hitting rock while excavating or finding a rotten subfloor on a remodel job.

You can enter these directly into a change order.

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Start on the project where you need to make a change order.
  2. Select “Change Orders” from the side project navigation bar.
  3. On the Financial Summary, select the “+ New Change Order” button to start the change order.
  4.  Give the change order a title and fill out any other introductory information needed for the document.
  5. The Line Items section allows you to account for the various costs included on this change order.

To add additional scope and price, use the “+ New Item” button.  Fill out the form with the details of the change including:

  • Item Name: the name of the addition to the scope of work
  • Category: where this change should be organized among other items in the scope of work 
    PRO TIP: Many builders create a unique category for additions and change orders that sits either at the top or bottom of the Specs & Selections for easy reference.  Click the “Edit categories” link to add the new category. Type out the name in the field with a preceding number to order the category where you’d like it (ex. 0100 Change Orders for the top of the list or 9000 Change Orders to sit at the bottom), click “Add,” then “Save.”  
  • Specification Info, Client Info, & Trade Partner Info: use these text fields to describe any relevant details
  • Description: explanation of the specific change being noted -- this text will display on the change order
  • “+ Add cost line”: add in any costs that contribute towards this change
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