What can partners access through the web?


Once you have enabled web access for a partner and have given him or her access to a project(s), they will be able to see a list of tasks assigned to them on those projects. Depending on your choices on the Settings > Trade Partners page, the partner may also be able to see the full project schedule, selection choices, and change order statuses.

Web access for your partners, while still easy-to-use, looks different from what you and your clients see. Partners do not see the pricing, allowance or client information sections on selections items, and they cannot see any pricing information on the Financials pages. However, they can see the line items on the change orders. Partners are not given access to the Question or Messages pages, either.

They can view files or photos attached to selection items, schedule tasks, change orders, or the Files & Photos page, provided that you specifically make those files or photos visible to them. Partners can attach files to selection items on the Selections page and they can upload attachments to the Files & Photos page. These uploads will only be visible to you to begin with, and you can choose whether you want to make them visible to clients and other partners. 

Partners can add comments to selections, schedule tasks and tasks, and participate in any conversations you make visible to them.  Partners will also be able to view any public notes you add to schedule tasks.

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