Using Task Alerts with subs, vendors, and trade partners



CoConstruct can save you a huge amount of time by communicating schedule tasks, to-dos, and warranty requests to your subs (and team members, too). But, we often get the question, "What's the best way to set these up?"

First, a quick recap on how your subs can find out what you have on tap for them:

  • Individual task assignments -- Each time there is a new schedule task, to-do, or warranty request (or a change to one) the sub can get a real-time notification about that item by email, text message, or both.
  • Task Summaries -- In the morning, the sub can get a single email that lists out all of the schedule, to-do, and warranty items assigned to them across all of his projects. You can pick what days of the week a sub gets this email.
  • On the web -- You can give your subs access to projects via the web, so they can log in and view the information any time, from anywhere.  (Trade partner web access is only available on CoConstruct Plus or legacy plans.  Accounts on our Core or Standard plans can still communicate with trades by email or text).


So what's the best combination? Well, it's different strokes for different folks -- both for you and for your subs. And because you can set up each sub differently, one size doesn't have to fit all. But, here's some food for thought:

If you have a broad, high-level schedule

A summary email, once a week (like on Saturdays), is probably fine. With a high-level schedule, the schedule items aren't going to fluctuate a great deal and you're likely tweaking the details with your subs on site.

This approach doesn't tap into the real power of CoConstruct's scheduling capabilities, but if that's how you like to use it, a once-a-week summary email on Saturdays will be enough to keep your subs in the loop and to give them a preview of the week ahead.


If you update your schedule once a week

Do a summary email, once a week (you pick the day), and consider turning on individual notifications via email. If you update your schedule on a weekly basis, the summary email is a handy reminder for your subs. The instant email will give them a more prominent heads-up about changes. 

Since you're only updating this once a week, none of your changes are probably urgent enough that you need to send text messages to your subs.


If you actively manage your schedule and have lots of urgent items

Do daily summary emails or do one summary a week, but turn on the individual email or text notifications. If you make lots of changes, your subs need to see lots of updates. They'll either see those in the fresh summary email in the morning or will need to get pinged with those individual emails as things change throughout the day. Even with the individual alerts turned on, consider doing the summary one day a week for reminders.


If you work with techno-backwards or techno-crazy subs

Turn on the work request text message alerts. Sure, it seems odd to take the same approach for the technophile and the technophobe. But, the technophile loves getting everything instantly. The technophobe probably doesn't check email, but has a plain old cell-phone that can still get text messages.

Of course, you can turn on web access for any of these folks, as well. If they can get on the web, it's a great way to check assignments and download files you've shared with them.

But, regardless of where you fall, always keep these two rules in mind:


RULE #1 -- Ask them!

Don't be a spammer. Before you turn on anything for your subs, tell them your plans and get their permission!


RULE #2 -- Keep things current

Whether a sub loves email or loathes it, nobody wants to get useless information. If you aren't keeping your schedule up-to-date or closing out to-do and warranty items when they're done, your notifications will get ignored in a New York minute.

Before you start sharing your assignments with the world, make sure that you're in the habit of keeping them current. Your subs will thank you!

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