Selection Template - Code-specific categories


Here is a description from the builder team regarding this selection template:

"We use a specific cost code system and I am able to create CODE SPECIFIC sections
within this template. For example, my first Division is 00-Procurement and
Contracting Requirements, a cost code category that includes Architectural
Plans 000150 and Survey Information 000175.

 I place all of my architects, certified building designers, survey companies
in this Division, which corresponds to the electronic and paper logs and
files I keep for each project.

It is easy to stay organized and to send out for bids using this template

 I have also created categories for each trade such as Division 3-Concrete,
Division 04-Masonry, Division 05-Metals, Division 06-Wood & Plastic
Composites, etc., through Division 44-Pollution Control Equipment."

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