How should I set up spec/selection templates for different communities and projects?


As they teach in Scouts, you want to be prepared for any situation. And if you focus more on semi-custom homes built in different communities, you may have different plans and choices that you offer in each area. CoConstruct can help you efficiently manage all of it.

Start by creating a spec/selection template with items that are common to all homes. Then you can build other templates with community and project specific items.

For example, you might have a "Base Selections" template, as well as templates for "Creekside" and "Western Ridge."

Most everything is in the "Base Selections" sheet. However, if one neighborhood has stonework on the outside and another has stucco, you may not include any of your exterior finish items in that base sheet. Instead, you'd have an "Exterior Stone" item in the Creekside template and a "Stucco Color" item in the Western Ridge template.

When you set up a project, first copy items from the "Base Selections" template. Then repeat the process for the neighborhood-specific template. Even though you do the process twice, it goes fast, and will save you a ton of time in getting the right combination of items onto a home.

Also, don't forget that once your project specs/selections are set up just the way you want, you can always turn them into a new template for future jobs. You'll see the option to "Copy from existing project" when you add a new selection template.

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