Selection Scenarios: Selections the client does not normally know


Perhaps there are items about which you do not normally give your clients a choice, like the type of pipes or casing width. But, if they asked for an upgrade, then you would accommodate them. There are two ways to handle this, depending on whether you want to limit the number of selections or if you are looking for ways to sell your clients more upgrades:

  • Need to know basis – With this approach, if you would not give your clients the option without Co-construct, then do not give them the option with Co-construct. If they pose a question about an upgrade, only then add it to the selection sheet.
  • More upgrade sales – If you are looking for a way to increase your sales of option upgrade, but found it too hard to manage in the past, Co-construct can help you present more options to your clients without the organizational nightmare. With this approach, you may want to consider always adding these items to your selection sheet.
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