Selection Scenarios: You have set options, but color selections are allowed


Sometimes you have a set menu of options, such as models of a refrigerator. However, within that model, the client may get to choose a finish with no cost implication. There are a few ways to handle this:

  1. If you only have one or two models, you could set up a predefined selection option for each model and color combination. The client would then pick the combination they wanted.
  2. If there are too many model/color combinations, you can set up the predefined list of just the models, with a note that the color needs to be decided. For example, the first option may be “GE Side-by-side #1245 – Black or white.” When the client chooses an option, simply add a note to the selection item asking for what color they want. Once they reply with a comment, update the selection item to reflect the choice. If the client chose black, you would change the option to read “GE Side-by-side #1245 – Black.”
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