What do I need to tell my clients about accessing the mobile app from their phones?


What do I need to tell my clients about the mobile app?

  1. Let them know the app is there, and that they can search for and install "CoConstruct" in the App Store or Google Play to get it on their mobile device.
  2. Tell them to use the app when they need to start a new conversation with you, rather than sending a text or an email.

While clients usually do a great job of communicating in CoConstruct, if there's one time when they're going to slip up and use a normal email or text, it's when they want to start a new conversation with you.

Ever tried to find a text message from a client about a color selection from 6 weeks ago? Good luck!

The app solves that. Sending a message is as easy and fast as firing off a text, except it helps them -- and you -- stay organized.

So, sell your clients on how using the app to communicate will be a big help to them, and you'll get even more value out of our patented communication system.

What can clients do in the app?

Clients have all the same features in the app that you do, except, of course, for the information and features that aren't normally visible to them on the main website.

Their app has tabs for project details as well as a communications tab to access key conversation details while on the go.

In addition to the powerful communication and push notification features, your clients can ask questions, make selections, view their financial overview, access photos, and post comments, but they can't edit the schedule or see hidden files.

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