Can I enter budget information on a Spec/Selection Template?


You can add budgeting information when adding or editing items on your Spec/Selections template by using the "Add cost line" link under the original budget or options. This is a great place to enter standard costs that go into a particular spec or selection, the accounting code and consistent prices for these costs.

You can also set up a custom markup configuration on a template by using the "Configure markup, margin & tax" button at the top of the estimate. This is a great tool for setting up templates with different standard markups for varying locations, models or types of jobs.

Adding budget information to your Spec/Selections template can be a great time saver. When you add the template to a project, all of this cost information will be carried over to the job and start the process of building out your budget. By entering your standardized costs in the template, you’ll save time from re-entering the same information each time you create a new estimate. This information can then be edited on the job level to allow for the customization of a particular project if needed.

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