How can I control builder user permissions for editing financial information?

Users with admin access can control and limit non-admin users' ability to edit budget information in the spec/selection templates, project spec/selections, and the Financials pages.

To control this permission for your team, head to Contacts > My Team then select "Edit" from the ellipse menu ("...") on the far right of any non-admin team member.

If you check the "Edit Financials" permission then the user will be able to edit budget information in template and project estimates, budget and spec/selections. (Users must have "View Financials" permission as well.)

If you un-check the "Edit Financials" permission then the user will still be able to see financial information (if they have "View Financials" permission) but will not be able to edit any information there.  Since the Estimate page is purposed for updating financial information, a user with only "View Financial" permissions, will not see the Estimate page.

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