Entering Job Log notes


To enter or edit notes, select an entry date displayed on the Jobsite Log page, or click Add in the upper left corner and choose a date from the calendar.

Once you are on a date's details page click Add next to the desired Job Notes category. There are options for notes on Trade Work, Employee Work, Visitors, Deliveries, Incidents/Injuries, Issues/Delays and Upcoming Activities.

After entering a note click the 2-person  client icon (to turn it green) if you want the entry to be visible to your clients, and click the "Save" button.

Note: Client Login access is required for sharing job log entries with your client.  

You can add multiple notes under a given category. The most recent note will display at the top.

If you need to edit or delete a note that you've posted to the Job Log, just click the pencil icon to make changes.

Admin users can edit any Job Log notes, while other users will only be able to edit Job Log notes that they have personally posted.

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