When I make an entry on the Job Log, will it trigger an instant alert email to be sent?


Adding notes, weather or flag entries on the Job Log will NOT trigger any instant alerts. Since someone on your team may click two flags, enter the weather, and put in two notes in the span of 90 seconds -- that would be a ton of fast and furious instant alerts.

Any "Updated" Job Log entries will be included in Project Summary emails for both builders and clients (for what's been shared with them).  The normal system rules apply for when a log shows as "updated" in the site. Click here for more information on the updated status.

You can also use the Job Log report to get a real time view of all updated entries across all of your projects.  To access this report, go to your Reports > Job Log.

Note: Client Login access is required for sharing job log entries with your client.  Client login access in only available on CoConstruct's Plus plan.

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