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CoConstruct offers built-in integration with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.


QuickBooks Desktop

CoConstruct integration is available for all recent, Windows-based versions of QuickBooks Desktop, including different tiers of these versions (Pro, Premier, Contractor edition, Enterprise, etc.) as well as all US and non-US versions of QuickBooks.

Unfortunately, QuickBooks Desktop will not be able to integrate with CoConstruct in these cases:

  • QuickBooks versions 2013 or older are not compatible with the latest Web Connector setup from Intuit that CoConstruct makes use of for the accounting integration.
  • QuickBooks 2014 is not fully compatible with Windows 10, so we cannot officially support QuickBooks 2014 on a Windows 10 setup. QuickBooks 2014 otherwise plays nicely with older versions of Windows.
  • QuickBooks for Mac doesn't support the Web Connector tool that we need in order to integrate your QuickBooks information into CoConstruct. Many of our Mac users have a Windows version of QuickBooks running a Windows virtual environment or a remote hosted setup, which should work for you as well.

QuickBooks Online

All versions and tiers of Intuit QuickBooks Online, including versions outside the US, support the accounting integration features with CoConstruct.

However, please note that budget actuals and purchase orders integrations are only available for users on the QuickBooks Online Plus platform, since QuickBooks Online Plus is the only version that lets you track your billable expenses by item to your jobs.

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