Linking your accounting codes with QuickBooks

In order to let CoConstruct push estimates and bills to QuickBooks, or to automatically pull in actuals from QuickBooks, you need to make sure that your CoConstruct accounting codes are linked.

You'll connect your CoConstruct codes to the corresponding items (QuickBooks Desktop) or products/services (QuickBooks Online) in your accounting software.

A CoConstruct admin user can access your list of accounting codes by going to the Settings > Accounting and clicking the "Accounting Codes" tab.

On that page, if your account is linked with QuickBooks, you will not only see your CoConstruct codes, but you will also see a column for the associated "QuickBooks Item" or "QuickBooks Product/Service".


Option 1 - Importing your accounting codes directly from QuickBooks

If you don't already have your accounting codes set up in CoConstruct, you can quickly set them up by using the Import > from QuickBooks option described in this article:


If you import your CoConstruct accounting codes directly from your QuickBooks account, then you are all set and your codes will already be linked to the right items/products or services.


Option 2 - Linking your existing accounting codes

If you used one of the other options for loading your accounting codes into CoConstruct, you will need to make sure that each of your CoConstruct accounting codes is matched up with the right code in the "QuickBooks Item" or "QuickBooks Product/Service" column.

To do this, click on an individual code > select the corresponding QuickBooks match > select "Ok".  You will want to go through all of your active codes and link the items up correctly.

Depending on how many codes you have in CoConstruct, this process may take a while, but there is a quicker way if your codes are exact matches with your QuickBooks items.

If the "Code" field in CoConstruct exactly matches the "Name" that you have given your items, products, or services in QuickBooks, then you can use the same import option from above to automatically link all of your codes up to the right place.

Please be careful when you do this though! If your two sets of codes are not exact matches, you will have duplicate codes imported into your CoConstruct account.

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