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CoConstruct is an online application, and since every user has one or more versions of the schedule they can see at their own login, the need to print a schedule should be somewhat reduced from the "old days" when paper was the only communication tool we had.

However, at times it is ideal to have a project construction schedule right in the palm of your hand, literally. This article contains our recommendations for printing all versions of the schedule.


General Printing Recommendations

The quality of your printed schedule is dependent upon a number of things, primary among them: the browser you use, your browser’s printing settings, and the printer you use. With all the possible combinations of equipment and software available, here are the CoConstruct recommended best-practice tips for printing schedules:

  1. Google Chrome will give the best printing results and is our recommended browser for this printing your CoConstruct Schedules. You can try another browser, but we cannot guarantee the results. If you don't have Chrome installed, you can download it here for free: www.google.com/chrome
  2. Before printing, you will want to make sure you have turned on the ability to print background colors:

    Go to the Chrome Menu > Print and under "Options", check the box for "Background graphics."

    Other Browsers: Print Background Colors and Images

    In Firefox
    Go to File>Page Setup and check "Print Background (colors & images)."

    In Internet Explorer
    Go to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced, and scroll down to "Printing." Check the box for "Print background colors and images."

    OR…If you have IE 10 or newer - Go to Tools (click the gear icon in the upper right) >  point to Print > then click Page setup. Under the "Paper Options" section, check the box to "Print Background Colors and Images.")

    In Safari
    If you have Safari 4 or 5 - Go to File > Print . Check the box for "Print background" on the Printer option window and then Print.

    If you have Safari 6 or newer - Go to File > Print. Click on "show details" on the Printer option window. Check the box for "Print background colors" and "Print background images".
  3. Published, Draft and Template Schedules all have "Printer-friendly" links in the upper right corner, shown here: http://screencast.com/t/JW2rJoHDs
  4. Click Print.


More Printing Notes:

When printing, you may also want to go to the Print Preview screen in your browser and choose "Fit (or Shrink) to page" for the scaling. Especially when printing wide schedules or calendars, this will shrink the image so it is not wider than one page. Printing in Landscape mode also works well for schedule calendars and timelines.

To change paper size or orientation you may need to click the "properties" option next to your printers, shown here: http://screencast.com/t/4Ag8tZpuwQL Paper size is often listed under the "Advanced Settings."

Printing the Field Update View


Printing the Calendar View


Printing the Task View


Printing the Gantt View

Gantt printing setting options:

  • Columns: Select which columns on the task side you want displayed in the export
  • Pagination:
    • Single page: Scale the schedule to fit entirely on one printed page
    • Multiple pages tiled: The schedule will print on as many pages both vertically and horizontally as required based on the selected zoom level (best option for "Daily" zoom)
    • Multiple pages vertically: The schedule will be scaled to fit width-wise on a single page, but will print vertically on as many pages as needed
  • Paper Size: Select the size of paper you'll be printing on
  • Orientation: Select whether you'd like the schedule printed on the paper in portrait or landscape (Landscape recommended)
  • Zoom level: Select the level of detail in dates displayed across the top of the Gantt chart




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