Hiding Change Log entries from clients

Each spec or selection item in CoConstruct features a “change log.” That’s where we keep an audit trail of changes such as shifting deadlines, new options, and choices.

In that list, we show you the date the item was created, along with who did it.

So, if you’re trapped in a snowstorm churning out project specs & selections, your hard work will be well documented.

And while the change log provides a great record, there are situations where you may have made lots of updates before adding your clients, and you don’t want (or need) them to see those entries.

To solve that, on the Project Setup page, if you have a client added, you'll find a field for picking a date and a time. Clients on your project will see change log entries generated after that time, but not before: 


When you add the first client to a project, we’ll set this date and time to the point when you added the client -- which automatically shields them from all of your prior gyrations on the specs & selections.

When you view the change log page, you’ll see everything. But, items in gray are not visible to your clients.

If you want to make the date earlier, later, or remove it altogether, simply come to the Project Setup page.  If you remove the "Hide change log" date completely, clients will be able to see ALL change log entries on the specs & selections.
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