Handling multi-unit construction in CoConstruct


You can run multiple unit schedules in CoConstruct, and you can even run multiple unit selections, with one caveat: you will want to have a single project for each client, since you won't want to give multiple clients access to each other's project information.

If you are building these on spec or with a single client making selection decisions (or, if you are making the decisions for the clients in the system) you can use the method described in the following video:

(Note: To view a full-screen version of this video, select the  icon from the video player below)

Reiterating the 2 major notes from the video:

  1. In the schedule, be sure to label each task with a Unit-specific prefix, otherwise your assignees won’t know which unit the task is assigning them to.

  2. When determining whether this will work for you or not (creating a single project for multiple units) the decisive factor is whether you have a single set of clients making decisions or if you have separate clients for each unit.

    If you have separate clients for each unit, you can either: 

    • Create a separate project for each client/unit
    • Collect your clients’ selection decisions somewhere else and enter them yourself (as the builder user) in the multi-unit project's Specs & Selections. This may not be great for your clients, but it may save you some duplicate entry to manage all of the selections in one place.
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