What lines on my estimate are included in the total?


Your project estimate will include a lot of financial details for your project, and this also includes selections that haven't yet been decided by your clients.

Some of the details may be associated with specifications, some may be tied to selections, and still others may be completely separate from your selection sheet, showing up in the "Other Line Items" at the bottom of the estimate.

When all of those various financials are tallied up, only the most relevant details are included in the grand total.


The quickest way to see which lines are being factored into the total

Look for the "% of Total" column on your estimate. Any percentage that you see in this column will tell you how much each line or category is contributing to the grand total of the estimate.


Additional information

The following lines will be included in the total for your project:


  • All cost lines for specifications will be factored into the total

Choice Selections

  • Before a choice has been made, the cost lines that correspond with the "Original Budget" or "Allowance" will be used.
  • After a choice has been made, the cost lines associated with the client's selection will be used.
  • If the client declined a choice, none of the financial details for that selection will be included in the total.

Extra Charges from Change Orders

  • All "Extra Charge" lines that are added to a change order will be included in the estimate once the document is created (even in draft status).
  • If the change order is declined, voided, or deleted, these "Extra Charge" lines will be removed from your estimate and will not be included in the total.

Other Line Items

  • All information entered in the "Other Line Items" section will be factored into the total.
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