Generating Proposals



Want to create professional and customized contracts and proposals for your clients?  Learn how to build and create these all too important documents with customized content, templates, and more:

Proposal Overview


After you've built a new estimate or spec/selection sheet in CoConstruct, you can now put that information straight into a Word document for use in your contracts and other printed materials.

From the top right of the selection sheet or from the bottom of your estimate, click to generate your choice of these proposal documents (choose one or download all of them):

Specification Sheet - Easily (and attractively) export your selections and specifications. This is perfect for written proposals and contracts, but also serves as a great way to let you format or print your selections. You can even pick from a variety of options on what to include so you get exactly what you need.

Allowance Summary - Give your clients an overview of all of their allowances on a single page.

Selection Schedule - Lists all choices that the client will be making, organized by the "requested by" date. Provide this report (or make it part of your contract) to help keep your clients on track with their selection decision schedule.

Your proposal will download as a Word document. It comes formatted and ready-to-send, but it's also completely editable if you want to make tweaks, add in some custom legalese, or copy and paste into a separate contract document.

A note on Mac compatibility: Proposal documents will download in a .docx format that is fully compatible with Microsoft Word, whether you are using a Windows or Apple device. However, this file is not compatible with Apple's Pages application.


What's included or not included in the Specification Sheet?

The Specification Sheet can be created with one of the following options:

  • Specifications only
  • Choice selections with allowances (for Fixed Price projects only)
  • Everything (specifications and all choice selections)

You can additionally choose whether the following information is included:

  • Show client information for each selection item -- If you have entered additional instructions or guidance in the "Client Information" fields, that will be displayed on the proposal when you use this option.
    • On fixed price projects, it's possible to set a different base price than the one that is calculated from the estimate. If you have set a custom base price in this way, or if you have tweaked any of the "original budget" details after finalizing the base price, the pricing breakdown on the proposal would not add up to the total you've set for the project.

      If you run into this scenario, to avoid putting you in the uncomfortable position of explaining why numbers don't add up between the proposal and the project's base price, you will only be able to generate the pricing breakdown if you do one of the following:

      1. When prompted, update the project's base price to match the original budget total from your estimate
      2. Add additional cost lines to your specifications, selections, or your "other line items" section to account for the difference between the two numbers.

  • Show choices made by client - When this option is selected, each choice that your clients have made will be bolded on the proposal. The bottom of the Specification Sheet will also give your clients the same financial summary they can see on their main CoConstruct dashboard, summarizing the impacts of those choices. If this is not selected, then the proposal will be generated as if no choices have been made, and will show all available choices.
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