How can I control who can manage or edit time clock entries?



Permission to manage and edit time clock entries can be granted to any builder user within CoConstruct.

Admin users will always have this permission, and they can also choose to allow this access for other builders, either when adding the builder or at any time afterward by visiting the Settings > Account Settings page.

Just look for the "Manage Time Clock" checkbox within the user permissions to allow or revoke full access to the Time Clock.



Users WITHOUT "Manage Time Clock" permission can do the following:

  • Clock in and out from any device
  • Add time entries manually for themselves
  • Filter their own time data by date, project, and activity
  • Edit their own time entries


Users WITH "Manage Time Clock" permission can do all that and more to use the Time Clock across the organization:

  • View and report on time entries for any employee
  • Add time entries manually for any employee
  • Clock any employee out if they are currently clocked in
  • Approve time for any employee
  • Push time for approved entries
  • Edit or void time entries for any employee
  • Export time data to Excel for easy entry into your payroll system
  • Note: Even if a user has "Manage Time Clock" permission, they will still only see time entries for projects to which they have access. So, if they don't have access to one of your projects, they won't be able to see the time data from that job.


ADMIN users can additionally manage company-wide Time Clock settings:

  • Customize Time Clock Types
  • Customize Time Clock Activities

Note: The Time Clock function is only available on CoConstruct's Standard or Plus plans.

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