Viewing & Reporting on Time Clock Data



CoConstruct's Time Clock keeps a history of your time in one convenient place, with a log to track any changes to time entries, who made them, and why.

When you pull up the Time Clock, you're never more than a few clicks away from a fully customized view or report of your time entries.

If you have "Manage Time Clock" permissions, you'll even be able to use the Time Clock to approve time, or to view or update time entries for any employee in your organization.

Filter your view of the Time Clock based on:

  • Dates - When you pull up the Time Clock, your initial view will show you the past 7 days worth of time, but you can use these filters to drill down and view absolutely any date range.

  • Employee - If you have "Manage Time Clock" permissions, you can filter to view time from any of your company's employees. Otherwise, you will only have access to your own time entries and you will not see an option to filter by employee.

  • Project - Pick from any non-archived project in your account to which you have access.

  • Activity - Select from your list of time activities.

Regardless of how you filter your time data, if you wind up with more than 50 entries, you'll be able to flip through them in multiple pages.

Exporting to Excel? All of the time entries that match the filters and haven't been "voided" will export to your new .xlsx file.

Want to see how worked hours compare to expected labor?  View the hours report on any project to see the approved time compared to your estimations.


Learn More: Setting up to Track Hours


Note: The Time Clock function is only available on CoConstruct's Standard or Plus plans.

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