How can I add or edit the project cover photo that my clients see?


Greet your clients with a welcoming visual view of their project by adding a cover photo for your projects.

The cover photos are project-specific, and although everything looks great without it, this is a great place to showcase some eye candy and keep your clients excited throughout the building process.


Adding a cover photo


You as the builder get to help tailor your client's dashboard. Here's how you can add a cover photo for a project:

  1. From your Projects page, click on the name of a project to pull up the Project Overview page. If you are already on a different page for the project, choose the "Overview" option from the menu.
  2. Click "Add cover photo"
  3. Choose from the files that have already been uploaded to the project, or any photos on your computer. For best results, we suggest a landscape image that is wider than it is tall
  4. That's it! Once the cover photo is uploaded on your side, your clients will have the new image on their dashboard as well


Editing or removing a cover photo


If you want to swap out or take away a cover photo for a project, you'll make that change from the same Project Overview page.

  1. Click the option to "Update cover photo"
  2. You can "Upload photo" if you want to replace the image, "Remove" if you want to get rid of the current cover photo, or choose from one of the photos that already exists on your project
  3. Any changes you make will be instantly reflected on the client's dashboard as well


With or without a cover photo - What's the difference?

Click one of the examples below to see a client's dashboard without and with a cover photo:

No Cover Photo   With Cover Photo
mceclip2.png            mceclip4.png


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