Requirements to Push Time to QuickBooks



Pushing your time from CoConstruct to QuickBooks requires that you have linked your account with a compatible version of QuickBooks Online or Desktop.



Admin users: Are the only users who will have the correct permission to set up the connection items between the two accounts.

Manage Time Clock: These users will be able to approve, void and edit entries like before, but will also be able to click the "push" button to send entries to QuickBooks.


Any Prospect, Active, or Warranty project linked to a corresponding customer or customer:job pushes to QuickBooks.  Check out Your Accounting Settings > Projects to ensure proper connection.

QuickBooks Online

If you plan to pay your employees through your QuickBooks Online account, you will be required to subscribe to a QuickBooks payroll service in order to generate your paycheck.

This is NOT required in order for us to push the time to the time sheet.

QuickBooks Desktop

There is no requirement from the QuickBooks Desktop versions that you have to be subscribed to a payroll service in order to write your paychecks to your employees.


There is some minimal setup required in order to ensure that the information is transferred to your QuickBooks account. Please click here to be taken to more detailed instructions on how you can make these adjustments.


Note: The Time Clock function is only available on CoConstruct's Standard or Plus plans.

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