Troubleshooting Your Password


Builder/Team Member

Clear your Cache. Sometimes your browsers cache can hold data from another account that has logged in on the same Browser.

To clear the cache for a particular browser.

    1. Safari: choose the Safari menu at the top left > Clear History > Clear: All History > Clear
    2. Chrome: Click Ctrl+Shift+Delete > Clear browsing data > Choose "All time" > Check off "Cookies and website data" and "Cached images and Files" > Clear Data
    3. Firefox: Click Ctrl+Shift+Delete > Clear browsing data > Time Range: Everything > check off "Cookies" and "Cache" > Clear Now
    4. Edge: Click Ctrl+Shift+Delete > Clear browsing data > Check off "Cookies and saved website data" and "cached data and files" > Clear
  • Remember to close the browser completely and reopen it before trying to log in again. Please let us know if this did not solve your problem, and we can do some further troubleshooting together.


Use an Incognito/Private Browser

    1. It is good practice to use a private browser, this will not hold any information from any web pages and is the most seamless way to work within CoConstruct error-free.
    2. If you are using a link saved to your Browser. Try removing the link and re-adding it by logging into this fresh link: https://coconstruct.com/app/login 

Clients and Trade Partners

  1. Reach out to your Admin/Builder to see if your permissions have changed or the project has finished and is no longer available to log into.
  2. If you have been removed from the project(s) you were working on. You will see an error that reads:
    You no longer have any active Co-construct projects.

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