Communicating with trade partners - Specs & Selections




Each item on your project’s Specs & Selections has its own Comment thread for communicating with your clients and trade partners on questions and details for that item.



This is a great way to reach out to your Trade Partners to get clarification on specifications related to a certain choice, get input on client selections or communicate important details related to needed materials or work to be performed.


Use @ Mentions or select trade partners on the list to include them on the communications.

Attach files or photos directly to the comment to share them with the selected trade partners.  Any attached files will be included as an attachment with the email notification.


Your trade partner will then receive an email (and/or text message) with your comment and can simply reply to the alert to respond.  CoConstruct takes care of making sure that reply is recorded in the system.



If you've given your trade partner web access to the project, they can also add comments from their side if they need clarification or have a question on a certain item in their proposal.



Comments on your Specs & Selections can easily be viewed and added by builders and trade partners through the CoConstruct Mobile App as well, keeping your communication fluid and convenient.



Keeping your conversations organized by the item that they’re related to through the Spec & Selection Comments allows you to have a clear communication thread uninterrupted by questions or other communications on other topics.  This helps avoid confusion or miscommunication so everyone is on the same page!


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