Executing Projects with a Plan

CoConstruct's scheduling and task management tools allow you and your team to stay connected and on track with your projects - from the office and the field.

Mastering the items below will put you on track to execute your project schedules and manage ad-hoc priorities with efficiency and ease.

  1. Leverage templates to build out your project schedules
  2. Utilize and manage to-dos
  3. Keep project schedules up-to-date
  4. Master the Task Manager for tracking and planning
  5. Report on performance using the Baseline
  6. Track your team's work


Leverage Templates and Build your Schedules

All of your projects are different, but most jobs of like type will follow a similar progression from planning to completion.  CoConstruct's schedule templates allow you to build out your workflow and efficiently apply that to each project, continually increasing efficiency as you go.

Your CoConstruct account has a few schedule templates pre-loaded that you can utilize or you can build out your own.


Utilize and Manage To-dos

A project's to-dos is a great way quickly enter and assign tasks that may fall outside of the original planned process.  This might include picking up special orders, moving equipment to a different job site or calling attention work that needs to be revisited after walk-throughs.

To-dos can quickly be added from the mobile app or from most pages of the project. Once assigned, to-dos show up on your team and trade partners' task lists just like schedule tasks so all of their activities can be managed in once place.

  • Step #1 - Review To-dos overview
  • Step #2 - Start entering and assigning to-dos to your team for tasks that aren't in the schedule


Keep Project Schedules Up-to-Date

Part of running your projects efficiently is accurately tracking where you are on each project.  There will always to be changes from the original plan when it comes to your project progression, but recording those in real time to keep everyone informed and track performance is a key element in increasing efficiency.

Project schedules can easily be updated from the full site or the mobile app - through the project itself or the Task manager - and reflect to everyone on the job in real time.


Master the Task Manager

Building and managing individual project schedules is great, but you probably have more than 1 job running at a time.  CoConstruct's Task Manager allows you to pull up all of your project schedules and tasks into one view.

At a high level, this data allows you to manage your pipeline and resources - When can you start the next job?  What resources can you allocate where to keep things running at maximum capacity?

The Task Manager also allows individuals on your team to quickly access and manage their specific tasks for the day or week.  The Task manager within the mobile app is an especially valuable in keeping your team in the know of where they should be and when.


Report on Performance Using the Baseline

The Baseline view of your project's schedule is invaluable in tracking the changes that occur throughout a project.  With all that's going on on a daily basis, it's sometimes impossible to understand why you're running two weeks behind the promised delivery date.

Being able to effectively look back and identify where delays - or time savings - occurred allow you to make the necessary adjustments to your planned workflow, teams and trades or client management to improve ongoing efficiency in your jobs.


Track your Team's Work

Scheduling out where your team should be and what they should be is one thing - managing and reviewing that is another story.

CoConstruct has two effective tools for allowing you to track your team's work and ensure that your plan is actually being executed.  Both the Time Clock and Job Log are easy, quick tools that your team can utilize immediate and can access from anywhere using the mobile app.


With these tools under your belt, you're well on your way for building, managing and executing efficient project plans.


*The Time Clock feature is only available on CoConstruct's Standard and Plus plans.

**Sharing Job Log entries with clients requires client login access.  This feature is only available on CoConstruct's Plus plan.


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