Adding Costs to the Catalog




There are FOUR ways to add to the Cost Catalog.

  1. Import from Spreadsheet
  2. Import from Specs/Selection Template
  3. Import from Project
  4. Add New

As you add costs to the catalog, handle any duplicates by merging them together.


Have a spreadsheet of prices and costs already built out?  Use the Import from Spreadsheet option to get that list imported into the Cost Catalog.  Download the provided .csv template to get started. Copy and paste your data in the columns provided then link up your accounting codes and any trade partner you’d like to associate with the costs.  Import the file and see your costs populate the catalog.



Have Spec & Selection templates already built out in your account with common prices?  Send costs you choose directly to the Cost Catalog in four easy steps:

  1. Click Import from the Cost Catalog
  2. Choose to import From Spec/Selection Template
  3. Pick the template you'd like to use from the dropdown to see the list of costs that HAVE NOT yet been added to the catalog.  Simply uncheck any costs you won't need in the catalog.
  4. Click to Add to Cost Catalog to bring the selected costs in


Already on the Spec & Selection template you want to pull from?  Simply use the ellipse icon at the top of the template to Add Cost Lines to Cost Catalog.  Choose from the displayed list which costs to add.

Add any individual cost line from the template to the Cost Catalog.  Open any Spec or Selection in the template using the Edit function.  Click on the tri-bar icon next to any cost line to add it directly to the Cost Catalog.


Have a project already built out with a full estimate of costs?  If any of these costs represent commonly used prices that carry over from job to job, then you can store them in a larger repository - the Cost Catalog.  From the Cost Catalog, select to Import then choose From Project.  Select which project you’d like to pull from using the drop down then check the boxes next to the costs you’d like to save in the catalog.


Already on a project with costs you’d like to save to the catalog?  Simply use the ellipse icon from the Estimate or Specs & Selections pages to Add Cost Lines to Cost Catalog.  Choose from the displayed list which costs to add.

Any individual cost line from the project can also be added to the Cost Catalog.  Expand any item on the Estimate or select to Edit any item.  Click the tri-bar icon next to any cost line to add it directly to the Cost Catalog.


As you gather costs you want to store for future use and reference in templates and projects, easily add them to the Cost Catalog.  Use the + New button to add these prices.  Fill out basic information regarding the Description, Unit Price, Unit Type, Cost Type, and Accounting Code for that cost.  Further assign a trade partner and tags to the cost for sorting and searching.  Attach any files or photos representing that cost to finalize the details.



Notice duplicate costs in the Catalog?  Select any costs that have multiple versions in the catalog, then select to Merge them.  This will keep one version of the costs you had originally but maintain any connection between linked projects and templates.

Get started with adding costs to your catalog so you can store and easily update prices.

Note: This function is only available on CoConstruct Core, Standard, and Plus plans.

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