Setting Up to Track Project Hours




In order to track the progress of labor on a project, you'll need the following set up:

An Estimate

Start with your projections.  Use the "Estimate" portion of the project to build out costs.  As you build your estimate and starting price for the project, add cost lines for the anticipated labor spend.  Account for labor by utilizing the "Hours" Unit Type option then leverage the quantity of hours expected.  Create as many cost lines as required to detail out the expected labor across the various accounting codes your team will utilize to log their hours.


These estimations will appear as "Estimated" hours on the report.  You'll see a total per accounting code.

As clients make decisions, any increase in budgeted hours will automatically reflect on the hours report.  Simply account for additional labor on client selections to see these numbers calculate.

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A Team

In order for there to be a record of hours worked, your internal team needs a way to log their time.  Set up your team members as users in CoConstruct.  As users, your team will be able to access features like the time clock to conduct their jobs.  Any team members can download the CoConstruct mobile app to access the information they need.

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Only need your team to record time?  There is no special permission required for team members to use the Time Clock.

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A Time Clock*

Use the Time Clock in CoConstruct to record employee time.  Team members can log their hours from the full website or CoConstruct mobile app.  Use the time clock to record the...

  • Project = which job where work is being done
  • Activity = the accounting code associated with the work being performed
  • Type = noting if time is Regular vs Overtime, Holiday, Sick, etc.

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Once recorded, team members set up to "Manage Time Clock" can then approve employee time.


The project Hours report is looking at any approved time entries to total up the number of "Worked" hours per accounting code.

Tracking Project Hours

With these tools in place, the project Hours report will populate with data you can reference and utilize to keep projects moving.



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