Configuring Your Logo for CoConstruct



When it comes to formatting your logos for custom branding, there are a couple of key elements to consider.


For full branding consistency across your account, upload three variations of your log.

Logo Type Resolution File Types Max File Size
1. Main Logo 260 pixels wide
x 70 pixels high





2. Square Logo 144 pixels square 2MB
3. Email Logo 200 pixels wide
x 125 pixels high

Resolution: Image resolution is the precise size of a photo or image determined by the dimension of pixels. This sizing is measured based on the number of pixels an image contains along its width then height.

Discovering Image Resolution

Understand what resolution your current logos sit at by simply looking at the file on your computer. Most document storage solutions contain information behind the scenes you can access about the file + it's size.


In this example, see how the width and length match pretty closely to those recommended for the main logo, making this a good candidate for that file.

Adjusting Image Resolution

Tools such as Photoshop and Adobe specialize in configuring image size and resolution, but other image editing tools found in software such as PowerPoint, Google Slides, Google Drawings, and more allow for cropping images which can alter their resolution and size.


Main Logo

  • Upload a logo that displays an icon/image representing your company + some version of your company name
  • Upload a logo with a transparent background OR that contains the same background color as the accent color you'll choose

Square Logo

  • Pick a file that only shows the icon/image representing your company
  • This image area is rather small, so pick a version of your logo that doesn't contain any words

Looking to make a square version of a larger logo? Drop your current logo into a tool such as photoshop, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, PowerPoint/Slides, or any tool that allows you to crop or edit an image. Crop or edit the logo image down to the necessary parts containing just the logo. Resave the image to your computer to upload into CoConstruct.


Email Logo

  • Upload a logo file that displays an icon/image of your company that looks good against a white background
  • This logo can include your company name if desired (Note: emails and documents will state your company name already as part of their design)

Need to resize an image for better resolution? Check out LunaPic for a great, free tool!


Uploaded Main and Square logos sit on top of the accent color you selected. Unless the background you choose matches the background of your logos, you may notice division lines and varying colors separating the logo from the color (see example below).


To avoid something like you see in the image above, consider leveraging free online tools that erase any background and create a transparent background, such as Online PNG Tools.


These tools erase any background on images, like logos, and make it possible to transpose them on any colored background to get the desired results you see below:



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