Performance Dashboard Overview


Your CoConstruct Performance Dashboard is designed to give you a quick view of the key components of your ongoing projects.

The Performance Dashboard provides 9 widgets that display key metrics for your projects:

Projects in Flight


This widget provides an overview of your project schedule's total duration so that you can clearly see the jobs you have in progress and in the pipeline to begin.  This information can help you better determine when you'll be able to start a new project.

This widget will also provide a high-level view of how your projects are tracking compared to the baseline schedule so you can tell how your team is performing against projected start and completion dates for each job.  For more information on setting your schedule baselines, view The Baseline Schedule: Measuring Performance



Understand the financial status of your current projects and implications on your projected profit by reviewing the Estimated vs. Projected Profit widget.  This graph displays the estimated and projected profit totals from your active project budgets.


Review the financial implications of selections that have been made on your active projects but have yet to be signed off on by approval documents.  This is a great tool to keep your teams on track with managing the approval process for selections and ensuring you don't leave money on the table.



Keep your teams on track with schedule updates by monitoring the status of schedule tasks.  This graph will display a progress bar of completed, overdue, upcoming and open tasks for all your active project schedules to help monitor your teams' progress on keeping schedules up to date and completing tasks on time.  You'll be able to set KPI's for your team by seeing an overall percentage of overdue tasks across the jobs.


Likewise, keep your selections coordinators and project managers on track with client selection deadlines.  Timely selection choices are a key factor in keeping your project schedules on track and this graph will help you monitor the progress of Selection choices on your active projects to ensure everything stays on schedule.

Process Compliance


Ensure your team is following internal processes for keeping your schedules up to date by monitoring weekly updates of your project schedules.  Whether you require your schedules to be updated weekly or daily, this graph will show you how many times in the week your schedule was updated so you can hold your teams responsible for keeping it up-to-date.


Job Logs are a great way to communicate site progress and issues to both clients and team members.  This graph will help you monitor job log entries across your active projects to make sure your team is recording important information and adhering to daily or weekly job log updates.

Customer Engagement


Keeping your clients engaged in their project is a key way to ensure a smooth process and a happy client. Tracking how engaged your customers are in the system can help you identify issues and potential delays early on and encourage clients to play a part in their job progress.  This graph will show activities by your client in the system including logins, selection decisions, comments and messages.


Strong communication makes for a successful project.  This widget will display the comments and messages from your clients over the last 7 days displayed chronologically to provide a good summary of client engagement, questions and concerns to ensure things are addressed in a timely manner.

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