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How can I use to-dos to create task reminders for myself?

If a surprise item pops up, you might consider creating a to-do for yourself. CoConstruct will remind you of the to-do so the task doesn’t slip through the cracks.

For items that always happen in predictable spots on a project, like placing orders and site inspections, consider adding those tasks to your schedule templates instead.

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How can I filter my to-dos by assignee?

Use Filter on the to-dos page to drill down within your to-do list to view the items assigned to specific users.


This will adjust your list of to-dos to show only the items that are assigned to the specific team member, sub, or vendor that you select.

If you have a filter applied, you'll see the selected assignee listed at the top of your to-dos.


To clear the filter, click the Filter button again.

Print out your to-dos for a specific assignee

Once you've filtered your to-dos, the printer-friendly option is a great way to produce a clean and sleek printout for your assignees.


More advanced filtering and sorting in the Task Manager

If you want to do more advanced filtering, searching, or sorting of your to-dos, including filtering to-do items across all of your projects, head to the Task Manager.

In the task manager, you can filter your entire company's upcoming or overdue work by project, assignee, project group, and more.


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Can I make updates to multiple to-dos at once?

You can quickly and easily update multiple to-dos.

You can:

  • Complete a set of open to-dos
  • Reopen a set of completed to-dos
  • Delete a group of to-dos that was entered in error
  • Reassign multiple items to another builder or partner
  • Change the due date on multiple items at once

To perform these bulk updates, make sure you hold down the Ctrl, Cmd, or Shift keys on your keyboard, then click to select your multiple to-dos.

PC: Ctrl or Shift

Mac: Cmd or Shift

When you make changes in the right side of the to-dos page, they will take effect for all of the highlighted to-dos.


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When is a to-do listed as upcoming or overdue?

A to-do is displayed as upcoming or overdue based on the due date that has been assigned to it and your personal settings.



By default, to-dos will be listed as upcoming if the due date is within  dX days of the current date, based on the settings.

You can update this window by going to Personal Settings. Adjusting your preference for To-do items & schedule tasks upcoming within ___ days" and save your changes. Changing this value will only affect you, and not anyone else on your team. 

When an item is upcoming, you will see a yellow 'upcoming' indicator on the to-dos page and in your account's Task Manager.


If a to-do has a due date, the item will be marked overdue if the to-do has not been completed by that date. 

Items without a due date will also be shown as overdue if they have been left open for too long, as determined by your personal settings.

By default, items without a due date will be shown as overdue after 7 days have passed.

You can update this window by going to Personal Settings. Adjust your preference for To-do items overdue in ___ days if no 'Finish by' date set, and save your changes. Changing this value will only affect you, and not anyone else on your team.

When a to-do is overdue, you will see a red indicator on the to-dos page and in the Task Manager. It will also be visible on the main dashboard for assigned users.

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What happens if I delete a to-do?

Deleting a to-do

To delete a to-do, click on the to-do to bring up the details, then click the menu icon (...) and click Delete.

You can also delete multiple to-dos at once by holding down Ctrl, Shift, or Command to select multiple items. After selection, click Delete to remove them all from the project's to-do list.

After deleting

If there are comments or attachments on the deleted to-do, you will see an additional prompt. Comments on those deleted to-dos will move to the Messages page, where the conversation will remain for historical purposes on the project.

For any attachments, you will be asked if they should be moved to the Files & Photos page of the project, or if you'd prefer, the attachments can be deleted along with the to-do.

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Do holidays effect to-do 'Finish By' dates?

No, the holidays only effect dates on the schedules. There are no restrictions for holidays for the Finish By dates on the To-Do list.

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