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Note: This selection template example is for "inspiration." Anything you would like to add to your selection templates will need to be entered manually.

This is a well-rounded selection sheet. It's also a good example of how you may have more items on your selection templates than you'll need on a given project.

For example, look at the "04 - Appliances" category. You'll see an "Appliance Package" selection item, as well as a selection item for each of the different appliances. You'd rarely copy both on the same project. You would either:

  1. Have the client go to a single vendor, who compiles all of the appliance choices on a single quote. In this scenario, you'd only use the "Appliance Package" selection item on a project, and just attach the quote to that.
  2. Have the client go all over the place for appliances, in which case it is easier to track each one individually. For this situation, you wouldn't use the "Appliance Package" selection and would only copy those appliance selections that applied to the particular project.
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