Selection Scenarios: Credit items


A credit is simply a selection item with a negative price. Any place where you would enter a price, you can precede the number with a minus sign.

Credits usually happen in one of three ways:

  1. The selection item has an allowance amount, but the client’s selection has a lower price. Co-construct then credits the difference to the client.
  2. The selection item, which the client may decline, has an allowance amount, but the client declines the selection. Co-construct then credits the entire allowance amount.
  3. You enter a negative price for a selection. For example, the original contract may have called for a bay window in a home addition. The price of the bay window was therefore factored into the contract price. Then the client says that they just want a standard window, and would like a credit back. You would create a new selection item called “Replace bay window with standard window.” You would give your client the option to decline the selection and include a single predefined option of “Yes” or “Use standard window” with a price of -1000. When the client made the choice for the regular window, they would receive a $1,000 credit.
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